“Now I can take part in a huge range of classes at the press of a button whenever I like, its brilliant! I’m exercising more than ever!”


Holly is a full-time mum of two who found it difficult to fit exercise into her busy life until she discovered InstructorLive. Here’s her story.

Holly’s story

Q –  How long have you been using instructorlive?

A – It’s just coming up to a month since I first starting using InstructorLive.
Q – Do you prefer to workout at home, if so why?
A – Yes I much prefer to workout at home, particular during the winter months due to the dark evenings and often wet and windy weather in cornwall! It allows me fantastic flexibilty when working around my family! I usually workout after I have put my children to bed or sometimes during the day if I can fit one in around nap time!
Q – Have you found any barriers to exercising in the past? If so what?
A – Up until discovering instructorLive I found it extremely difficult to fit exercise into my life, which I found very frustrating. I could rarely make it out the door in time to make a class in the evenings due to my my kids bedtimes. Now I can take part in a huge range of classes at the press of a button whenever I like, its brilliant! I’m exercising more than ever!
Q – What made you choose instructorLive?
A – A good friend of mine, who is also a mother of two young children, recommended InstructorLive.
Q – What’s your overall goal with exercise?
A – My main goal is to keep fit, tone up and stay active.
Q –  Are there any particular health benefits/results that you’ve experienced?
A – Since joining InstructorLive I have encountered endless health benefits! The most prominent is the way I feel from day to day. I feel permanently energised and upbeat! I am really starting to see the results which has spurred me on to work even harder to acheive my goals! In just 4 weeks, I have lost weight, toned up and noticed a huge change in my ability to exercise for longer periods of time. I feel more confident in my appearance and very happy due to the fact that I am finally finding the time to do the things that I want to do again!
Q – How often do you do classes on instructorLive?
A – When I joined instructorLive my aim was to do three classes a week. It turns out that I actually do a class almost everyday! I just so enjoy working towards my goal and have found it so easy to fit the classes in around my day. I actually look forward to a workout after putting my kids to bed!
Q – Which are your favourite classes?
A – To begin with I started out by doing the ‘Legs, Bums and Tums’ class with Leigh Linton and Craig Glasgow which was a great starter! Now I tend to do a combination of the ‘Bikini Body’ class and ‘Cellulite Dynamite’ which I love! But every now and again I’ll try something different. Leigh is a fantastic instructor, she walks you through every workout and explains each move very thoroughly to ensure you are doing it right. She has a great positive attitude and inspires you to work as hard as you can and not cheat yourself. I always feel a great sense of acheivement after completing one of her classes as they are so tiring! Thankyou Leigh!
Q – Would you say you eat healthily?
A – I have always tried to maintain a good, healthy and varied diet. I have never been a fan of diets and believe life is far too short to cut out the odd treat now and again! I prefer to exercise harder so I can enjoy a treat without feeling guilt ridden! I believe the combination of nutritional advice on the website is a great idea and I have tried a few of the recipes, I’ve also started drinking green tea!
Q – Are there any areas you feel your diet should be improved?
A – I am happy with my diet but have been enjoying trying some of the recipe suggestions on the site. Its always good to have some new meal ideas!