“Nobody is there to judge you. And the instructors are brilliant about giving advice…”


Fiona’s a successful children’s author from Yorkshire that’s passionate about staying healthy and feeling good. Here’s her story.

Fiona ‘s story

Q. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
A. I was brought up in Yorkshire but moved to London when I went to university, got married and stayed there for 27 years! I loved living there but felt I was missing the fresh air of ‘home’ so moved back to a lovely little cottage in the hills of West Yorkshire 5 years ago with my Old English Sheepdog Ted. I’d been an avid gym-goer in London (going 5 times a week for a mixture of working out in the gym and classes) but when I moved here I thought I’d give the gym a miss and go striding out on the hills for exercise. It didn’t really work out like that! I walked Ted and….that was it.
I did join a gym in the nearest town, which is a 30-minute drive away. That meant at least a 2-hour chunk out of my day just to work out and I could always find an excuse why I couldn’t afford so much time! Plus I didn’t really enjoy using the gym and the classes seemed really ‘cliquey’ which I found intimidating – yes, even at my age – so I never went.

Q. What’s your occupation and age?
A. I turned 50 last year. I’m a children’s author, currently working on a novel for 8 -11-year-olds. I’ve had 23 books published. I also go into schools delivering workshops, which I love because I get to meet the people I write for and they are always an inspiration.

Q. What attracted you to join InstructorLive?
A. I was determined not to be ‘fat and fifty’ so last year bought a brilliant Life Fitness exercise bike which I used 4/5 times a week followed by a workout with weights, squats, lunges, and Abs work. I really loved it and saw my fitness improving. Then I found a fab Zumba class, which I loved so alternated working out at home with going there. My fitness improved, I lost weight and I felt so much better for it. But then the Zumba class ended and I couldn’t find another one that fitted in with my routine so needed something else. I didn’t want to lose fitness or the new self-esteem I’d found so I was desperate for something else to fill the gap.
I think when women, in particular, hit middle- age – horrid phrase – there are so many reasons – emotional, hormonal, etc.  – why it’s easy to feel bad about yourself. For me, taking control and being as fit, strong and healthy as I can be is quite a powerful weapon. I am much more confident in myself now than I was in my 20s and I’m sure working out, with its emotional and health benefits, is responsible for that.

Q. Did you have any specific goals when you first signed up?
A. By signing up for InstructorLive I wanted to increase my fitness, lose more weight and tone up. Also, because I live somewhere a bit remote, it meant that I always have access to classes whatever the weather.

Q. How did you hear about InstructorLive?
A. A friend in London, whom I used to go to the gym with, told me that she was using InstructorLive and how much she was enjoying it. I looked at other online options but this one seemed to offer the widest choice of classes as well as being the best value for money!

Q. What do you love most about your InstructorLive membership?
A. I love the fact that there are so many different types of classes to choose from which means I can try new things. Also, if I’m not feeling up to giving it my all in ‘Drop a Jeans Size’ for example I can try something gentler, such as a yoga class, which still stretches me. I like the fact that lots of the classes are in a series which builds on what you’ve done the previous time so I can see how I’m improving. I know that I would never do the conditioning exercises by myself, even though I know that I should. But having an instructor encouraging you and feeling as though you really are taking part in a class even though you can’t see any of the other participants is a real motivation to keep on pushing.

Q. Have you noticed any changes or results since you first joined InstructorLive?
A. I’ve done 15 classes so far and I have lost weight and definitely feel more toned. Even the dreaded inner thighs are looking more respectable!

Q. What advice would you give someone just starting out with InstructorLive?
A. I would advise anyone new to InstructorLive to look through all the classes and see which ones you fancy  – different things appeal to different people. If you find that something isn’t for you there will certainly be another class that is. If a class feels too difficult there’s no shame in trying something a bit easier and working up to it. Nobody is there to judge you. And the instructors are brilliant about giving advice, so contact one of them and they will advise you which classes you should try to reach your goals

Q. What class series or program are you working on at the moment?
A. At the moment I am loving ‘Drop a Jeans Size’ ‘Combat Cardio’ and ‘Legs Bums and Tums’. I also do lots of ‘Body Blasts’ as a complement to other classes or when I’ve cycled and I’m enjoying ‘DanceFit’, hoping that no-one can see my terrible moves!

Q. What did you think of the class or program?
A. I love all of the classes and the instructors are fantastic, really motivating and funny too!

Q. At any point, do you feel like giving up? If so, what keeps you motivated and coming back from more?
A. Sometimes I do struggle with some of the exercises – triceps dips for instance – but I push myself to do more than I think I can because the instructor is encouraging and because I imagine that I am in a class and I wouldn’t want to give up when everyone else is managing to keep up. Having said that if I am really struggling I take time out and get back to it when I can. There doesn’t seem many points is not doing something properly.

Q. What results have you achieved from your InstructorLive workouts, both mentally and physically?
A. I really do feel so much more confident in myself since starting InstructorLive. I have lost weight and toned up and that has boosted my self-esteem. Also, for me, if I’m exercising well my diet kind of clicks into place and I eat much more healthily too.

Q. In a sentence or two, what did you get out of the class or program?
A. I can honestly say that I really look forward to taking the classes, it’s part of my day which is just for me. I push myself, I get hot and sweaty and it’s all in the comfort of my own home with a personal instructor!