“Being a full-time mum doesn’t leave much time for going to the gym – InstructorLive has empowered me to get my fitness back after having my baby.”


Alex is the proud mum of daughter Willow who is just 10 months old! Here’s Alex’s story…

Alex’s story

Q – What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle?
A – My baby! I am not working at the moment so my days revolve around bottles, making her meals and activities to wear her out! Thankfully she’s a great sleeper so I try to use one of her two naps during the day to be active. Eating healthy is also a priority and now that Willow is eating solids, I am a lot more able and conscious of eating a varied and rounded diet as she eats what I eat.
Q – What’s your favorite class on InstructorLive and why?
A- I love Sam’s Pilates classes but am also really enjoying Kettlebells
Q – Do you have any funny or embarrassing fitness or health stories to share?
A – I have been ‘that girl’ at my first step aerobics class, totally out of time to the crazy-fast moves so in a class of about 40 people, in a studio with mirrors the ENTIRE way around, they could all see me up on the step when everyone else was down, finishing my left leg kick when they were all well into their next right leg kicks, etc. Thankfully I was quite a bit more streamlined the next time I went! Another great advantage to InstructorLive – being able to make a fool of yourself and nobody else seeing!
Q – If you had to create your own personal fitness motto what would it be?
A – ‘If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten’
Q – What made you sign up for InstructorLive?
A – I saw it reviewed on a website and thought it would suit my new life as a mum perfectly. I have always played sports and enjoyed keeping fit but when you’re pregnant, your body is not your own and even when you have the baby it’s a very different body to the one you remember 9 months previously! InstructorLive is fantastic for the variety of classes and just the pure convenience it brings to getting back into shape!
Q – What’s your favorite song to workout to?
A – An oldie but a goodie – ‘Eye of the Tiger’! We used to play it in the changing rooms before playing a hockey game for a laugh and it has stuck with me!
Q – If you could have one magical power what would it be and why?
A- Teleportation! So I could get home to Ireland to visit family when I felt homesick
Q – How have you benefitted from being a member of InstructorLive?
A – Being a full-time mum doesn’t leave much time for going to the gym – InstructorLive has empowered me to get my fitness back after having my baby. Because it is flexible, I can be flexible with when and where I work out and that is just perfect for me.
Q – Can you share one goal that you are working on at the moment?
A – It’s all about toning for me at the moment – I am almost back to my pre-pregnancy weight and while my arms are toned from carrying around my little bruiser, my tummy and thighs need work so that’s what I’m trying to concentrate on.
Q – For what in your life do you feel most grateful for?
A – Difficult to name just one!  My baby, husband, family and the fact we’re all healthy
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