SECOND ENTRY: Fitness Diary of Mum of 3, Linzi Martin

Hi Everyone, I have returned for another blog should any of you be waiting on tenterhooks for the next gripping installment!! (albeit a tad late)
Oh dear, it was all getting back off to a flying start with me seeing the 2nd week in September doing exercise every day for 6 days. Here is how my week went:
Sun 8th– kettle/barbells
Mon 9th– swimming-only 26 lengths which is pretty poor by my standards as I swim a mile.
Tues 10th– bike ride approx. 8miles
Wed 11th– kettlebells, 20-minute abs
Thursday 12th– wedding workout
Fri 13th – kettlebells/barbells
And then…………………………….major slump (not an army person but a nosedive in my fitness regime).
Basically a number of factors have ensured that I have not had time or energy. Mostly I blame my children and will continue to do so until they are well into their 40’s by which time I will be in a home anyway as they will have put me there!
I am up in the night a lot with the sleep thief, the diddy destroyer who likes to pop over her cot at ridiculous o clock and shout ” hiya” and all attempts to ignore fail as she gets louder.
I also went away for 3 days and got back at weekend whereupon I managed to eat my way around Plymouth and boost the local eateries economy to such proportions I have been made honorary Mayor and have been given the keys to the city (takeaways). I exaggerate obviously but the breakfasts in the hotel were a buffet and after 40 pieces of toast, a full English and 12 croissants I was finally full until suppertime whereupon a yard of hotdog beckoned……..
Hanging my head in shame I realised it is now actually touching my stomach.
Still, I was cheered up immensely by the fact that our shiny, bouncy haired Kate Middleton is now back in her skinny jeans some 6 weeks after producing a baby. I too am back in my skinny jeans…. I can get mine up to my calves now.
If only you could shrink a post-baby belly like you can a hemorrhoid..i would have been buying preparation H instead of stretch mark cream by the bucket load.
Now don’t get me wrong…I haven’t hit a wall of apathy or lack of motivation. I am still motivated to do this (what am I doing, I’ve forgotten?) and I really miss logging into InstructorLive every day and doing classes, the new classes look brilliant. I want to do Yogabells with the fantastic Beth and I want to try the new Cross Conditioning and Pilates with Bands classes. The biggest thing for me isn’t a “can’t be bothered” attitude it’s just plain old exhaustion. The sort of tiredness that could be used as sleep deprivation torture.
I have optimistically booked the Pilates class for Saturday and the Wedding Workout for Thursday and will catch up with the other new classes I missed so that at least this week I have a good exercise map planned out after only managing kettlebells/barbells last week. Plus I hope the calorie counter on the site shows a lot more progress than the 15 calories I burned tying my laces.
Now, I enjoyed the wedding workout but my advice is to make sure you wear trainers. I foolishly did this barefooted on a recently cleaned floor, hit a wet bit then skidded across the laminate and ricocheted off the fireplace..…but after the shock of a surprise move (I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror looking startled) carried on and regained composure enough to continue albeit somewhat gingerly. Next time I WILL be wearing trainers.
So, all in all, I really don’t have much to report as I really haven’t managed to much of anything since the 2nd week in September so in 2 and a half weeks I have only done kettlebells and barbells but I am going to get back on it as now I have got to lose the chub I put on while away just to get me back to my normal level of chub.
Still, at least the weather is getting chillier and with this brings tights.…this is a workout in itself. I wear those body shaper ones with pulling in panels everywhere. It takes a good 10 minutes of sweating, swearing, grunting, thrusting and doing a little dance while yanking them up. Twerking your tights on. Note to selves…get a firm hold on those waistbands as mid-thrust I once let go and belted myself in the eye. Not easy to explain why your eye looks red…I did it putting tights on………bit lame.
So armed with my good advice re tights and trainers I will bid adieu until the next time where hopefully I will have managed more classes given the lack of time and sleep I have and can make a full report back and if my bottom is, in fact, a tad less wobbly.
Bye for now
Linzi xxx