Find Your Inner Fighter – Boxing 101

Need to box off some steam? Want to complete an amazing full-body workout? Looking to hit your fitness peak? Boxing is your answer! Boxing is one of the oldest, most celebrated, and often most controversial sports in history and is now a part of a new fitness revolution. From boxersizeand kickboxing to our very own Combat Cardiothere’s sure to be a boxing class to suit any keen fighter.

Train like a fighter and look like a champ!

Boxing is your one-stop fitness shop. A boxing workout can see you:
-Lose weight: during 1 hour of boxing you could burn nearly 600 calories
-Improve your cardiovascular system: working and strengthening your heart
-Tone up: increase muscle size and tone
-Blow off steam and improving your mood: exercise releases endorphins (happy chemicals) into your bloodstream and it’s the perfect way to get out any aggression
What’s involved?
It’s not just about a fight and you don’t even have to hit anyone, boxing is about focus, coordination, speed, endurance, and power. Boxing, as a form of regular exercise, will kick your butt into shape and have you seeing results fast.
Breaking down the basics – four fundamentals of boxing
Stance: With your non-dominate leg at the lead, spread your legs so they are shoulder-width apart. Your knees are slightly bent, elbows are pointing down and your hands are held high – the right hand is in front of the right side of your face and your chin is tucked down.
Jab: Thrown by your lead hand (usually the other hand to the one you write with), a jab is powered from your shoulder. A jab sees your arm extend, a slight inward twist in your fist and your thumb facing inwards. It’s not the most powerful, but a jab can set up other punches and helps push the opponent backward.
Hook: This is one of the most, if not the most, devastating punches in boxing due to the way it perfectly connects with the side of the jaw. There are different types of hooks: power, digging, pivoting and lunging. A general hook punch sees you bringing your bent knees up, to rise slightly, and moving your body and arm in a circular motion, swinging as though you were going to hit the opponent’s shoulders, but rather planting your punch in the side of the opponents’ jaw.
Uppercut: A powerful, short, quick punch used in close range. To throw an uppercut, using either hand, you need to bend your knees, lower your hand with your elbow pointing down, rotate your shoulders, swing your body and shoot the punch upwards at the opponent’s head or body. This punch should land with the palm facing up.
There’s much more to it…
Boxing isn’t all hits and blows, training to be a champ requires a lot of hard work. Skipping is a well know additive to a professional boxing training session as well as stretching, sparring, running, lunges, squats and all the ‘ups’ – sit-ups, pull-ups, push-ups. If you really want to train like a champ, why not join our boxing-inspired class, Combat Cardio.