What’s The Fuss About Foam Rollers?

You’ve perhaps seen people rolling around on a foam roller and thought that it was just for athletes or super fit people? That’s not the case. Foam rolling is important and beneficial for everyone of any fitness level. Keep reading to discover some of the benefits and some further facts about foam rolling:
What foam roller should you buy?
Foam rollers differ in size, shape, foam type and cost. It’s best to begin with a denser foam roller that is dense enough to reach trigger points. When you notice that the knots in your muscles aren’t being properly loosened it’s time to upgrade your foam roller. If you’re only
This table courtesy of foamrollercoach.com is quite helpful:

Injury prevention
When you excessively exercise, syndromes such as IT Syndrome and other problems can start to devleop. By foam rolling daily you are massaging the muscles and helping to prevent fascia build-up in order to help prevent those areas becoming injury trigger points.
Helps you de-stress
Foam roll all your stresses away. When you’ve found the knots in your body, you’re releasing tension that has built up in your connective tissues, and therefore releasing your stress. If you work at a desk all day, particularly work on the knots and tension in your spine.
The foam roller will tend to damaged muscles and help to keep flexibility stable. Flexibility is particularly important for older people and those getting back into fitness (and anyone really) It will also help build on your flexibility which is vital for any fitness regime.
Relatively Inexpensive
Foam rollers are relatively inexpensive – particularly considering you can target almost all of your muscle groups (compare this to paying for a weekly sports massage!) They range from around £10-£50.
To learn how to use and benefit from a Foam Roller check out the class Equipped.