5 Reasons Why People Love Vinyasa Flow Yoga

A 3,000-year-old tradition, yoga is now regarded in the Western world as a holistic approach to health.  The word “yoga” comes from a Sanskrit root “yuj” which means union, or to join, and to direct and concentrate your attention.

There are a number of styles of yoga, and you’ll likely find that you prefer one style over another.  In our latest blog we thought we’d take a look at Vinyasa Flow Yoga in a little more detail and why people love it!

What is Vinyasa Flow Yoga?

In Sanskrit, Vinyasa means to place in a special way.  Vinyasa might be defined as the intentional placing (and ordering) of movements.  During a Vinyasa yoga class, you don’t do one pose, stop, and then do another. Instead you intentionally yoga flow from one position to the next.

The super-cool thing about vinyasa flow yoga is that no two classes are the same – the instructor can put poses together in whatever combination they choose.

The Benefits of Vinyasa Flow Yoga

  • Improved Mood

A study in the International Journal of Yoga Therapy measured the stress levels of 20 college students, as well as their positive and negative feelings, before and after they did eight weeks of twice-weekly Vinyasa yoga classes. By the end of the eight weeks, scores of positive feelings increased and negative feelings decreased.

  • Improved Cardiometabolic Health

In 2021, thirty yoga practitioners with a minimum of 3 months of practice experience were enrolled into a study.

Lipid profile, glucose concentrations and mood (both positive and negative) were assessed before and immediately following a 1-hour vinyasa flow yoga session.

Researchers found that one single bout of yoga improved mood and lipid concentrations in healthy adults with a history of yoga practice.

Other studies have concluded that you may find improvements in arterial stiffness and improved blood pressure through the practice of yoga.

  • It can Strengthen Muscles

Most poses in Vinyasa yoga will be held for anywhere between 30 and 120 seconds. When you’re holding your body in these poses, your muscles must work hard to maintain the shape and as we know, muscles grow when they are challenged.

  • It’s Cardio Too!

Whilst some think of yoga as low intensity, the flow of vinyasa yoga can get your heart rate up too.

One study enrolled adults aged 21-54 years with prior yoga experience.  Participants completed a 50-minute yoga session and during the session their heart rate was monitored.

The researchers found:

  • 6 participants performed in less than 50% of their heart rate max.
  • 21 participants performed in 50-63% of their heart rate max.
  • 10 participants performed in 64-76% of their heart rate max.
  • 1 participant performed in 77-93% of their heart rate max indicating this was vigorous activity for them.

So it seems yoga can be aerobically challenging for some too!

  • It May Help You Quit Smoking!

A 2012 study in the Journal of Women’s Health, recruited 55 women undergoing cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) to quit smoking and divided them into two groups.  One group would complement their CBT with Vinyasa yoga twice a week and the second group would complement it with a more general health and wellness programme.

Researchers found that participants in the vinyasa yoga group avoided smoking longer than those in the second group.  The women in the yoga program also reported lower anxiety and stress levels than those in the second group.

Ready to give Vinyasa Flow Yoga a whirl?

Our Instructor Live Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes combine breath and movement to promote a healthy body and mind.

With low-impact movements, Vinyasa Flow Yoga is an extremely effective way to get a full-body workout without risking injury. It also makes this programme suitable for people with conditions or past injuries.

The benefits you will see include:

  • Relief from stress,
  • Feeling of greater harmony between mind and body,
  • Better circulation,
  • Enhanced fitness,
  • Improved core strength,
  • Better flexibility, balance, and body control,
  • Increased muscle tone and weight loss.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga (£4.99 p/m)