5 Reasons To Use a Skipping Rope

Approached with the correct mindset, the skipping rope can be a serious contender in boosting your fitness. Top athletes often turn to this form of exercise, and if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us!

Skipping Rope

1. Toning

Skipping uses a combination of muscle groups all at the same time. This means it’s pretty much classed as a full-body workout! This is great news especially if you’re pushed for time because just 10 minutes of skipping can work out to be the equivalent of a 30-minute run! This activity uses your arms, legs and stomach repetitively, so toning those muscles and all at once, couldn’t be easier.

2. Calorie burn

It is, without a doubt, an incredibly effective way to burn a lot of calories in a short space of time. The best part about this particular benefit, however, is that you can adapt the intensity level to suit yourself. So the harder, faster and longer you skip, the more calories you will burn!

3. Increased bone density

Another part of exercising that often gets overlooked but is probably one of the most beneficial aspects. In a nutshell, any weight-bearing activity will cause the bones in our bodies to adapt to this added pressure undertaken, and as a consequence, create more bone cells. In turn, this makes them stronger and denser. And it’s not just our actual bones this can help; it’s our joints too. As we age, our bone density decreases, so finding ways of maintaining this strength is important for physical longevity.

4. Improves coordination & balance

Improving coordination is never a bad thing. When your eyes, feet and hands all come together to create movement, it’s like poetry! The steady rhythm of skipping and the fact that you’re always on the balls of your feet means it’s also great for improving balance. The faster you skip, the harder your mind and body have to work to keep up each other. It’s like competing against yourself!

5. It’s cheap!

‘Exercise for old rope!’ Not quite the correct saying but…  A skipping rope is inexpensive; it’s something we can do at home and doesn’t take up much room for a piece of fitness equipment with so many benefits. You can get maximum results from something so simple.


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