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Jade Gooding
Jade Gooding
I started my career as a personal trainer in 2006, over the years I have been so privileged to be involved in so many people’s paths to a healthier life.

In 2010 I had an accident which damaged my cruciate ligaments. During my recovery I used Pilates methods as rehabilitation and I was amazed by how incredible Pilates techniques can be. I qualified as a Pilates instructor in 2011 and haven’t looked back since.

I found Yoga a few years later in 2013 when I was going through a very tough period in my life. Yoga helped me find myself and rebuild as a happier version of me, which has not only benefitted me, but my family too. I trained in Hatha Yoga in 2018.

Pilates and Yoga have changed my life and altered my path. I love guiding people through practices in the hope that anyone joining me on the mat finds some benefit.

The Ultimate Stretch (£4.99 p/m)

You know that lovely feeling after a big morning stretch? That’s a rush of serotonin, which we can give you, […]

30 Minute Intermediate Pilates (£4.99 p/m)

Intermediate Pilates with Jade is for those with a basic knowledge of pilates and it focuses on improving posture and realigning your body through core […]

5 Day Work Yoga (£4.99 p/m)

Join experienced Pilates and Yoga instructor Jade in this 4 week, 5 day work yoga programme. Over the course of this […]

Back Care with Jade (£4.99 p/m)

Over the course of this programme, Jade will guide you through exercises to stretch both your upper and lower back, these […]

Combat Your Fat 8-Week Programme (£7.99 p/m)

Get ready to smash through our latest challenge with 56 days of fat-combating exercise! Complete this activity packed journey designed […]

Chair Pilates (£4.99 p/m)

Join experienced Pilates and Yoga instructor Jade in this fantastic Chair Pilates Programme. With low-impact movements, Pilates is an extremely […]

Unlimited Access To All Programmes (£9.99 p/m)

With over 90 on-demand programmes and 800+ workouts, the Unlimited On Demand Programmes Plan offers you access to all InstructorLive Programmes […]

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